Custom your battery packs

How to Custom Battery Packs

1. Based on popular cell types

A. Cylindrical Battery of 18650 Battery Cell and 26650

B. Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Like 487878 750545


1). Portable Equipment

2). Medical Instruments

3). Industrial instrument and communication instrument:

4). Consumer Electronics

5). Portable Equipment

C. LifePo4 Battery Cell

Application: EV(Electric vehicle), E-bike, E-motorbike, Yacht, UPS System, Energy storage system, Mobile Tower Station, etc.

2. Working current and peak Current/ Watt of the device

3. Target voltage& capacity of the Battery

4. Target size Requirement

5. Battery Casing commonly: PVC/Plastic casing/metal casing

6. Connector type

Popular types like JST, JSH.Others like 55*25 type

7. Future quantity
Quantity does influence the cost evalution of mass production

8. You know nothing about the battery
Come tocontact us and we are one stop solution provider for all your lithium battery pack needs, drop us an email and let’s talk details.

9. More to say
Generally speaking, Lithium battery is the execllent option for your current or new in developing device  and yet we also totally understand your worry about the safe performance of this kind battery
Based on our rich experience, realiable R&D and manufacture capability,we can can meet you by provide higher dependability of battery product and afersale service.

Custom your battery packs

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