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DIY Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D glasses

Virtual Reality is awesome and Google making a #cardboard virtual reality headset is cool but who wants to order all...

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    Virtual Reality is awesome and Google making a #cardboard virtual reality headset is cool but who wants to order all those different pieces and spend a day cutting cardboard? We did the math and integrated in all those bits and pieces Google suggested.

    Each Kit Includes:
    1.(3pcs)A grade e-flute corrugated cardboard: die cut to exact Google
    Cardboard VR specification
    2.Biconvex lenses x 2pcs

    3.Ceramic disc magnet 3/4" x 1pcs

    4.Neodymium (rare earth) magnet 3/4" x 1/8" x 1pcs
    5.Pairs of Velcro (attached)
    6.#32 rubber band x 1 pcs
    7.NFC tag (launches the Google Cardboard VR app automatically on phones
    that support NFC)

    Fully compatible

    For Google Nexus 4 and 5

    For Motorola Moto X

    For Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5

    For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Partially compatible Magnetic input not working

    for HTC One

    for Motorola Moto G

    for Magnetic input not working & headtracking/rendering issues

    For Samsung Galaxy S3

    Except above tested phones, other smart phone also can use this cardboard to

    enjoy 3D movie,but can't play the google cardboard games, and your phone

    width have to be under 75mm, below 5.5 inch.

    Please Note:

    You may need about 5 minutes to assemble the toolkit.
    Cardboard applications can be run on most modern Android Android phones.
    Phone needs to run Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or more versions of Android.
    You need a smart phone to work with this toolkit, the phone in the picture is not  included. Android phone is the best but IOS is working as well. There is no google cardboard app for IOS SYSTEM but you can install other VR app from app  store.
    Because everyone has difference distance of pupils, the cardboard cannot  fully compatible with everyone, but it's just cardboard, if you cannot see the  screen very clearly you can cut, band, fold.... adjust it to fit your eyes.
    If you wear glass, you need to cut/adjust the cardboard to fit your eyes.  5 inch is perfect for this product, if your phone's screen size is more than 5.2  inch, maybe it's not fully compatible with this cardboard.
    Here is a list of the phones that google has already tested that are compatible  with cardboard:

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